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i fell asleep on the couch again after the baby went to bed. as usual, when i woke up in the middle of the night i couldn't go back to sleep. so, i turned on my computer to catch up on what i missed the past day. an article caught my eye, Cheri Lucas Rowlands' interview titled: A Year of Reading the World: A Q&A with Ann Morgan. how about that - a woman spent a year reading 196 books, each from a different country in the world! she shared her list of books and thoughts of the books in her blog as well as her experience with the project in her book: Reading the World - Confessions of a Literary Explorer.

i love reading but these days i don't have much time to spend reading books for pleasure. most of my fun reading is finding children's books for my child. after reading about ms. morgan's project, a thought came to my mind -- i must have read at least 196 children's books BUT like ms. morgan, my selection of books were probably all from the US or UK. then i thought ... wouldn't it be cool if i could share books from ALL OVER THE WORLD with my little one?

now, reading 196 children's books in one year is not as challenging as 196 novels since some children's books can take just minutes to read. my challenge would be to, of course find the books that are translated into english and accessible to purchase - as well as - make a connection with my child. even with english books, some books we read over and over, others were abandoned at some point but then revisit later on, and others take on different meaning with time. so my goal is to find at least one from each country that my child and i enjoy together during her childhood (and hey, if we find more than one, yay!). now, the question was how to get started.


then i found my wildcard...

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