traveling via books wandering around
the journey here traveling via books wandering around

taking a trip!


the kick start


the "Where the WIld Books Are" event at the New School was the kick in the pants i needed to get started. from artists / authors / critics / historians / professors and/or publishers ... from the US, France, Italy, and India ... the various experts in the field of children's literature shared their knowledge of the book industry.

some speakers introduced illustrators, authors and books from their countries. this was awesome as i now have a few books not from the US to get started! other speakers talked about the publishing industry and what decisions needed to be made before a book is published in the US and how books from other countries may be introduced to the US market. last but not least, the event gave me numerous resources (people, events, organizations, etc.) i can follow up with so i can continue to find books from around the world! as i detail the children's books my little one and i read, i will include some things i learned that day as well as other adventures i take on this journey.

after attending the event, my mind has been working overtime! before i wasn't sure how i would get started and now i had so much information to learn and prepare to make sure it is a fulfilling experience. it feels like there's not enough time to do it all so i gotta get started!


next to do? planning the stops ...

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