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the details


in planning any trip - especially one of traveling around the world (even via books), details are necessary! to make sure my journey doesn't lose momentum, i started searching for some international books that interested me from the "Where the Wild Books Are" event I attended last week. i placed an order on the books i could find online.

when i got my first delivery today, i let my little one choose which book to read. i took mental notes as we read together. during some quiet time that night, i thought about the book i just read and what i would write about. i remember Ann Morgan mentioned in her experience of reading the world that it wasn't the reading (even 196 novels) but the writing about the books that were time consuming. sometimes she had to do additional research. i knew i had to think through what i wanted to gain from this experience as well as what my child can gain from reading children's books from around the world.

since it is a project about the world, i would like us to learn a little about the countries -- even if it is just where it's located on the globe and what language they speak. if i find some tidbits about the country that relates to something i already know, it would be fun to share with my little one as it would also be sharing a part of me. if i can find projects, i.e. arts & crafts, that relates to the country or the book we read, it can make the learning more fun and bring the book to life! i know that i have to be patient ... sometimes a book will click from the beginning, sometimes it needs multiple readings to get it's meaning, sometimes it will be abandoned but maybe it will be picked up again at a later time. this is definitely a project that will grow in many ways and i actually look forward to it!


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