traveling via books wandering around
the journey here traveling via books wandering around

planning the stops


the adjustments

what project starts and ends exactly as you started? few. there are usually some tweaks and adjustments along the way. so as i trek along, i will add thoughs of my tinkering here!


as i look for books from different countries, how should i categorize a book under the specific country?

should it be by the original publisher -- if so, how do i know where and who the original publication was with? should it be by the nationalilty of the author or the illustrator -- if so, what if the author or illustrator is a mixture of different nationalities or what if the parents are a certain nationality but s/he was born in yet a different country ... does that country count? what if the book was written for a "tourist" audience instead of their native children and how would i know? then again, wouldn't that also apply for US books that is trying to share the culture of an immigrant family? it's a bit confusing to nail down one right answer.

so my decision is that i'll take it one book at a time. part of my goal is for my child and i to learn about different cultures around the world. so i'll do what i can to find variety and take it from there!


listing the countries

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