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child projects: outside / not at home!

when i originally thought of this project one of things i thought of was that i read so many children's books!



i'm lucky to have a few bookstores walking distance from my home so even before my little one was born, i would regularly go and peruse the shelves. before and after my child was born, i had a growing children's book collection to read at home. when my munchkin started crawling, we would both go and i'd read aloud or when baby started being more independent, i'd randomly pick out books to read to see if there are any other "must haves" to add to our collection.

in addition to going on my/our own, bookstores have storytime! ours had one every Saturday. the great thing about storytime is that the bookstore staff would pick out books and sometimes it's books i didn't notice or pick up before and after hearing it, i'm so glad i did! some bookstores would have activites to go along with the books they read so it's a +.



no question libraries are awesome! i gew up going to the library on a regular basis - checking out books almost each visit and adding books to my collection via the RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) program where you get a free book after you read "x" number of books. it was quite a highlight of my youth! libraries also have storytime - my local one does it only once a month but i love the librarian who chooses the books in my hood! she chooses really great books and reads half a dozen of them. also, she's a GREAT reader!

what puts the library "above" the bookstore is that it has a larger collection of books and "older" books. bookstores often stock the new publication, the bestsellers or those that stood the test of time ($$$) but libraries have a larger collection of books that i read when i was a child.

what puts bookstores a little ahead of libraries however is it's a little more relaxed - no librarians to "shhhh" and you can easily grab a bite or drink at the cafe, which is extremely helpful when your child is fussy! anyhoo, i enjoy taking my little one to both on a regular basis!



i happen to live in a city that never sleeps so it's more likely to miss something awesome than to have nothing to do! here are a few recent events i was able to attend!

  • NYPL exhibit: the abc's of children's books
  • NY Historical Society: Madeline in New York: The Art of Ludwig Bemelmans

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