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child project to do indoors

there are a lot of great activites for children to learn about the world. so there are lots of fun activites that we can do together for the Child Reads World project.


arts & crafts

i have a head start on some interactive projects. my child's daycare has the toddlers "visit" some countries. they would spend a week in the country and do some projects together. sometimes it is arts and crafts, i.e. flags, hats, pictures. sometimes they have a cooking project. every now and then they have a dramatic play based on the country. these activites work hand in hand with this project!
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toys & games

what's learning about the world without a globe? i was thinking about one on a stand and we can spin it around but i knew it's probably not the most children-friendly toy. so i found an inflatable one!

Jet Creations Inflatable Globe, Clear

as per the name brand "Painless Learning", placemats are an easy way for kids to learn and it keeps the table clean as well. it can keep the little one company while you're feeding her/him.

Painless Learning World Map Placemat

Painless Learning Flags of the World Placemat

flag game
the placemat is great to see all of the different flags but it is a bit small. my little one saw the flag of Sri Lanka and said it was a dog. since i personally don't know the answer, i wanted to learn more about the flags and i found this card game that could help us all learn!

Tac Tic Flags of the World Game


let's go outside!

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